Our TO DO List

Steps we are taking to bring our vision to life.  Oh, what is our vision you ask?  To live full time in an RV, travelling and visiting our family, while working at our online businesses.

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Research For Our New Lifestyle

These are the areas we will need to concentrate on investigating in detail in order to be prepared for our new lifestyle on the road. (i.e. RV types with pros and cons, life and health insurance needs, where we want to GO,  enhanced cell phone + data plans,  )

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Our business lines

Click here to see what online businesses we are currently involved in and what we will continue with as we journey down the road....with some internet connections!!!




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Marc and Gayle's Back Story

We want to say "thank you" for joining us during this very important step in to our future together.  We are excited to have you along for the ride.

Marc and I met about 8 and a half years ago, both having been in long term relationships resulting in our children being born, we were pretty much empty nesters at that time.  As alot of people do nowadays, we met on the INTERNET!!  Yes, we are pleased to be one of the success stories!

We got married in February of 2017 and we have been struggling with the status quo ever since. You could say we had our "AHA" moment while we were on our honeymoon.  Some may call it a mid-life crisis, but we already have a motorcycle and a cool off road army truck, so "toys" are covered.  What else is there?  Being able to spend quality time TOGETHER doing the simple things that we love, rather than working 60 or 70 hours a week and being so exhausted that when Saturday comes around you are already thinking I'm still going to be tired on Monday.  Not the best attitude but it seemed to be staring us in the face every week.

Gratefully, we are very fortunate that we typically achieve what we set our minds too.  We have alternating strengths and abilities that really compliment each other, therefore resulting in solid, well thought out decision making, as well as the tools to follow through on the processes required to accomplish our goals.  A few challenges that we have faced in the past year or so have accelerated our need to complete our "break free" plan.  Now that we are "empty nesters" once again, we are in agreement that we will sell our house, probably 1 vehicle and everything else we own, buy some model of RV and set off down the road.

Let me say that Marc's working life has always been very spontaneous, therefore, plans were not often made in our house, pending his work schedule, which wasn't really a schedule at any point and time.  We have leaned heavily towards flying by the seat of our pants when it comes to making plans, or taking holidays, and we have become very adaptable at winging it and finding solutions when we need to.  This new lifestyle will require much more planning and fact finding to be as prepared as we can before we set off in to the wild blue yonder.