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Our Vision

You could also call this heading "Our philosophy" or "Our vision." This is the place to talk about what drives us to make new goals, work towards the ones we already have while being true to ourselves now and as we grow as a couple through this new phase of our life.


Our Story

Our first online business began in March of 2017 just after we had returned from our honeymoon.  Neither of us wanted to go back to our "day jobs", not because we were necessarily unhappy, but we had found a different kind of happiness and peace now that we were married. We had also had that time to reflect on what we really wanted in our lives and we decided it was up to us to change our situation if we were not satisfied with the status quo.

We started investigating various types of online businesses and we ended up starting in April 2017.  We were very dedicated to the entire process of self development, learning new computer skills, programs, processes and also leaning on a great support team when we needed to.  This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for us in our minds and we have been growing leaps and bounds ever since.

Meet the Team

Husband and wife team, Marc and Gayle Albert, along with their furry side kicks are growing their businesses daily.  Their positive attitudes, openness to new ideas, and eagerness to help others do the same is driving them to be their best.

Marc at bike show Spring 2018

Marc Albert

Founder & CEO

Marc has been a hard worker all of his life providing for his family and doing the best job he can every day.  This new found entrepreneurial path has ignited a light within him that he hasn't felt for some time.  He has a unique approach and he never stops thinking outside the box.

Gayle cropped Oct 2017

Gayle Albert

Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Gayle has been an Executive Assistant in the real estate industry for most of her career.  She was yearning for a different role where she could utilize her skills in a way that she felt was more based on her core and fundamental beliefs.  Working online where she can share health,  wealth and freedom from people's restraints has re-fuelled her passion these past few months.

Max and Turbo support crew

Turbo and Max

Furry Assistant - Support Team

Fur babies Max the Cat (age 10) and Turbo the Dog (age 11) are the constant dedicated companions of Marc and Gayle. Road trips will be welcomed by Turbo, Max will have a bit more adjusting to do with love and support.

Next Steps...

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